karate jutsu federation emblem moscow russia

The Karate-Jutsu Federation was founded in Russia (Moscow) in 2004. "Jutsu" in Japanese means "art", and karate-jutsu means the "Art of Karate", one of the earliest names that originated from the middle ages in China and continued to develop on the island of Okinawa and in Japan. Karate-jutsu is the general name of karate of those times, on the basis of which all subsequent styles were created and, in particular, Shotokan, which is the basic style of the Federation. The name of the Federation is a look at history, showing that each style has common roots and principles.

The President and Chief Instructor of the Federation is the master who started training at 11 y.o., has more than 37 years of experience in studying and 26 years of teaching martial arts Vadim MOROZ, 7th Dan. The Federation cooperates with national and international organizations, conducts classes for children and adults, master classes, certifications, seminars and summer camps for training and recreation. Among the Federation's students are holders of black belts of various degrees, instructors, Champions and prize-winners of competitions, and laureates of international nominations. Currently, the Federation unites clubs in Moscow and the Moscow region, and also has a representative office in Spain.

The Federation additionally studies the most important sections of judo (safe falls, throws, painful holds), kobudo (working with weapons) and short distance fighting. These sections are intended to familiarize students with a wide technical arsenal, expand their horizons and improve their self-defense skills. The Federation tries to do everything to make classes as interesting and saturated as possible for students of any age and skill!