Karate-jutsu Federation was founded in Moscow in 2004. "Jutsu" in Japanese means "art", karate-jutsu means the Art of Karate. Federation cooperates with national and international organizations, conducts trainings for children and adults, master classes, gradings, seminars and camps for training and recreation. More


Shotokan is the basic style of the Federation. It's a traditional Japanese style, created in 1936 by the Okinawan master Gichin Funakoshi – ahigly educated person, philologist and poet. It was the pseudonym "Shoto" that Funakoshi used in his literary work that served as the basis for the name of his style "Shotokan". More


Vadim MOROZ - the President and Chief Instructor of the Federation. He was born in Moscow in 1972, started studying martial arts at the age of 11 with Greco-Roman wrestling and then - judo and Shotokan karate. Has higher technical, sports and pedagogical education. More


Our instructors waiting for you for group and individual trainings at the our clubs! More


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We invite children and adults, clubs and instructors from different regions to the Federation! More


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Karate-Jutsu Federation, certificate №16026, issued by the Ministry of justice of Russia, March 3, 2004.